Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hi there! My name is Amy Rose. When I was in High School I decided to start making things because I was too broke to buy cute accessories at Hot Topic or wherever. I liked those cute little clips girls would wear in their hair. You know, like these...

I liked wearing those for a while, but then decided I wanted something a bit more original. I had some felt lying around and my best friend Courtney taught me how to do a simple stitch. I've always had a thing for hair bows and decided to make one out of felt.

That was my first creation and it all started from there!

Since then I've delved into the world of inkjet art prints, painted ceramic cups and plates, earrings, pins, purses, and more hair accessories.

I've been a participant in the Strange Folk Arts Festival in O'Fallon, IL for 4 years in a row (since it started!) and I have some of my creations @ the wonderful Circa boutique in Belleville, IL. I also collaborate with the amazing and talented Lesley Tempe from Squasht by Les (I make the bows she puts on her adorable hats! I highly recommend them and I think every girl should own at least one!).

This year I plan on doing all that I can with this little business of mine. I am sometimes torn between the fine art world and my little craft world, and sometimes I want to mesh them together and other days I don't. Some days I like I can't do anything and other days I feel on top of the world!

Basically, I'm like everybody else. : ) Good days and bad, I hope you'll be around to experience them with me in my little blog.

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