Friday, February 5, 2010

Busy Busy Cleaning Day!

Today was just as the title says... a BUSY BUSY cleaning day! Really shouldn't be blogging now - still have much to do before bed, but I just wanted to say a quick hello and share a few things before I go to dreamland.

First and foremost: New Stuff at the Shop

Above is a new headband. Oh how I love it so and don't want to let it go! But I must... Japan awaits!
Hopefully someone will fall in love with it as much as I have. If not, I'll pack it up and take it to:

March 13th and 14th- I can't wait! It will be the first show I've done besides Strange Folk... well...ever!! Scary but exciting!

It is time to draw this post to a close...I still have to read John chapters 3 & 4 for my bible study tomorrow. Yikes! I also teach kids and preteens from 12:30-4pm. Busy busy day.

But real quick before I go:

Lily says goodnight. ; )


  1. love the head band! And I'm so excited for you to go to Japan, you will love it! Asia is crazy :)

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog to visit. I'm heading over to see your crafts soon! Are you going to Japan? If so I want to hear all about it! I went to china, but it wasn't very cultural - I'm hoping Japan is if you go :)