Friday, May 28, 2010

First Solo Show!

Yes! A milestone in any budding/starving artist's career- their first ever solo gallery show!

I had my opening reception tonight.. and while not too many people came, the one's that DID come were amazing and generous and people I love dearly!

I've sold quite a bit already and have several commissions ready to be drawn! So exciting!

Even though it's a small start, it was, and still IS, a great feeling to look on every wall and see a piece of your artwork hanging!

And the greatest feeling in the world is knowing that God's hands are working in all of this - that it's all a part of a much bigger plan than I. He is bringing me all of these amazing opportunities this year to truly make my dream come true - bringing the Gospel to the Japanese people!! I know I will earn all of the money that is needed and THEN some.

Also - the super sweet Elise blogged about me today - how cool is that?! She is so kind and supportive! I am truly blessed!!


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