Thursday, May 27, 2010

One show down...

..and one more to go! (Well, in the month of May, that is..)

Not Your Grandma's Craft Fair was such an amazing success!! I am so dang proud of my dear Jillian and am so thankful to her for letting me be a part of her baby! Can't wait to do it again.

(my fiance as our designated "Grandma" for the day. He stood outside the gallery and "knitted" and waved his heart out to passerby. What a guy. And yes, that is a mop on his head.)

Now onto my first ever SOLO ART SHOW at the Louvre Salon & Spa!!!

God is so so good - I went to price everything today and sold 2 pieces while I was there!!

I know my mission trip to Tokyo is GOING to happen, because God is faithful.

Now I'm going to give my man a big hug - he has been out of town all week and I get to see his adorable face tonight! I made him dinner... let's hope he likes it! : )

-love, Amy

ps: I haven't forgotten that I promised you all proposal details. They're coming soon, I promise!

pps: there ARE two new prints on my etsy!! Check them out!

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