Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back to Basics!

Hey friends!

So something very crucial has recently occurred to me: in less than 5 months I will no longer be Amy Rose Miller (!!!) (October 2nd, 2010)

Therefore I cannot have that domain name anymore...

and therefore I am reverting back to my blogspot webby.

So update your bookmarks! : D

Also - new logo! This is exciting! I have been searching for a great new look for my "brand."

Boy does that take it out of ya! So many possibilites... so many fonts... so LITTLE time!

But at last I think I've come up with something that I really like! I hope you like it too.

The Soulard Market Park Arts & Crafts Fair is coming up!! 16 days!! yikes!

I've got to get to business card ordering, banner making, giclee printing,...and *gasp* could it be, printing a greeting card pack or two??

I've always wanted to expand into cards and invites and the like, but never had the patience to learn the ropes while I was still making my little felt bows.

Now that I'm fully focusing on my artwork, I feel much more patient and excited to start learning the process!

And please continue to pray for blessings for my mission trip! I can't believe in 7 months I will be in Tokyo, Japan - my dream!!

God is really moving and it's amazing how great the response to my artwork has been so far this year - I am truly blessed!

Time for sleep - busy day ahead tomorrow!

-love, Amy

1 comment:

  1. what a fun life you have! an illustrator. i wish. you're so talented.
    and getting married! congrats! i love getting married.

    [that sounds like it's a hobby. i've only done it once, and it is til death do us part]