Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Commissions! Wee!

Hey guys! I'm off to bed, but before I go I wanted to post some recent commissions I've done!

These two were for a sweet great-grandmother named Miss Beverly. She wants to give them to her great-granddaughters to have something to remember her by! How sweet is that? And how privileged am I to be the one to create that something?




- aren't those just the greatest names? And apparently their father named them. Way to go, pops!

And here is one I just finished up today:


A co-worker of mine at the YMCA asked me to draw a picture of she and her sister shopping, because that's what they do best. *wink* Her sister has scoliosis and is getting surgery on her back in July. She wanted something for her sister to look at while recovering.


...and..........that's it! Off to bed now! Hope everyone has sweet dreams! ; )


  1. Glad I found you! Love the sisters, I would like to have one to go shopping together, he,he. Go ahead and try your hand at felt again, i would be curious to see what you do with it :D

  2. These are so excellent! I just love 'Sisters'! :)

  3. those are awesome! I do love the sisters one! :)

  4. Hana - yes! I think I shall.

    Katie - thank you so much!

    Laura - thank youuu! I hope my friend likes it as well.