Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shop Update and a Day in Soulard!

Before I go off in ramble-land, I would like to inform you all that I had added 3 new prints tonight!


Today was such a lovely day! We got off to an early start and headed to St. Louis.. more specifically a local farmer's market in a town called Soulard. The same Soulard I endured last weekend in the 100 degree weather during my craft show! But instead I was sweating while buying delicious fruits and vegetables, much of which were locally grown, some even organic. Yum! I didn't take any pictures of the inside however - I was too busy bartering and paying and eating and admiring! We had mini donuts and chicken teriyaki skewers and blueberries.

Then we went to this lovely little eatery:

I had never been - and what a delight!

It stays true to it's name. There is a garden in the back with dining.. and apparently the employees help maintain it.

Naturally we chose to sit outside.

Adam looking thoughtful...maybe a bit surprised at the awesome?

My little brother being adorable/too cool to smile for me.

Iced soy latte. <3

We met a dog named Tyler.

...we had so much fun, we are doing it again tomorrow!

Sleepy time.

<3 to all!


  1. you are so cute and so is your blog!

  2. Your are such a cute and pretty lady ^_^