Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bridal Shower!

In the past 16(!!!) days I have found a new apartment (our very first home together! We sign the lease on Tuesday!), took care of daily wedding things, and had my bridal shower. I could NOT have asked for a more enjoyable afternoon! My best friend/maid of honor Courtney Louise made the most beautiful decorations and the most delicious treats!

I must share.

amy + adam

Can you say cheesecake mocha squares?!

Everyone got to take home a mug drawn by me! They had cupcakes inside..


One of my amazing presents: Tablespoon measuring cups from Anthropologie!

My wonderful friend Megan won one of the 3 prizes of the evening.. a platter to match her cup! There was also another platter and a teapot.

...and that's me, getting really excited over that little trash can.

Because it's our first ever trash can, you know?

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  1. it looks like it was sooooo beautiful! and yummy!!!!