Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Greeting Card pack!

Hello lovely readers and friends!

We finally got the internet today - hooray!!!

If anyone has ever gone days or weeks without the internet ...you understand our pain from this past month.

Not the biggest of problems, I know, but it definitely is nice not to have to run around town looking for free wifi!

In celebration of finally being able to be productive again, here is a brand spanking new product and listing on my etsy!

An A2 size card pack with my "This Bunny Loves You" illustration! I will have one with a little boy bunny on it in the very near future. You get 4 cards in a pack with matching white envelopes. Cards are blank inside. These sold very well at Strange Folk this year and I'm hoping my online readers and customers will like them as well!


The husband (weird to say still, but wonderful!!) is going to build me a lightbox out of PVC pipes, so hopefully soon the photo quality on both this blog AND my etsy will be much improved.

Now off to add more listings to my etsy!

- Amy

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