Friday, January 14, 2011

Not Dead!

Oh my goodness. Welcome to another addition of "Amy's not dead just really bad at updating her blog."

My apologies.

If I had it my way, I would blog all day. I would keep a full inventory in my etsy shop. I would always have ink in my printer. I would live in Japan. But alas, I don't have it my way.

But that's okay! Because I still have it pretty darn great!

Instead I bring you pictures of the greatest 2 weeks of my life! 

My trip to Tokyo, Japan!

I ate onigiri to my heart's content. I tasted the finest tempura and udon. I actually got to use my Japanese. I geeked out over all of the celebrities/tv shows/music I recognized. I actually got to buy an Ayumi Hamasaki cd in a STORE and not online. I went to HARAJUKU and bought a pretty bow at a gothic lolita store. I hiked Mt. Takao. I visited the Asakusa shrine. I was in heaven.

It was an incredibly inspiring trip, artistically, and I cannot wait to finally sit down and draw some new art!! 

I am currently working on re-opening my art school. More on that later!


  1. Sooooo proud of you!
    Girl, I just love who you are and all of the creativity and potential that you have. I just look at you and Adam and see such an amazing future. :)
    (And of course a beautiful NOW)

    Love you. :)

  2. eeep! You made my day with this comment!! You are such an inspiration to me! You and Owen (and little Cash) are such an amazing little family - I pray Adam and I will be half as good of parents as you are to that amazing little man!!


  3. Spectacular! Stunning!! Fabulous!!
    And SO much more!!
    I was gone for awhile too and took a long time to update my blog.
    Hate that feeling!! Lost one Follower in the process. :(
    Again - loved this post!!