Friday, March 25, 2011

Tennessee Happenings Pt 2

(Part 1 here!)

Upon arrival at the in-law's, we were greeted with a lovely gift basket full of organic fruits, veggies and various snackage. So sweet! Not to mention it came it an adorable little basket, and more storage = happy me! 

Adam's dad is quite the talent and does these awesome portraits of his favorite musicians. I adore them!

I'd have to say my favorite are the four fine fellows on the bottom. Sorry for the flash in the face, Paul.

So I was absolutely tickled that he drew Adam and I! 

And not only that, but that I'm included with the rest of his children! *tear*

I love being a part of this family. <3

We then met up with these lovely folks:

The handsome fellow on the right was the best man in our wedding, and is, indeed, a great man! Adam's best friend Josh and his lovely love Morgan! Morgan and I bonded over Japan together (she stayed there during high school in an exchange program). We are set on convincing our significant others that the four of us need to move there together. : ) 

They showed us a good time and introduced us to the greatest pancakes ever. And I mean EVER.

(thank you Aretha Frankensteins for showing us the light!)

..more to come!

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