Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tennessee Happenings pt3

(parts one and two)

From what I saw, Cleveland, TN didn't have much...but one thing it DID have was a great little vinyl record store called Inherent Records. Here is where Owen Pye rocked out and stole the show!

It was an intimate affair and oh so fun. And it was so exciting to share our talented friend with Josh and Morgan!

Here is Owen's lovely wife and my dearest friend Jillian, and of course, Mr. Cash Lincoln - one of the coolest (and cutest!) 20 month olds I know. He absolutely lights up the room (and plays a mean tune on the harmonica).

It was so lovely to see them for a few days and have them meet our sweet family in Tennessee!

(please ignore Adam's awkward stance..hahah)

We finished up our great adventure playing croquet in the front yard.

(this is me smacking my husbands booty with a croquet mallet as he makes the winning shot.)

I'll be back later with my Sunday Sketchbook!


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