Thursday, April 7, 2011

Birthday Round-up Post!

I am soooo super blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that love on me during my birthday.

Last Sunday my best friend and her man met up with Adam and I to enjoy the deliciousness that is the Fountain. Best. ice. cream. everrrrrr.

Courtney and Matt...

being cute:

being cool:

This is me and my baby ice cream come:

And an adorable husband pic for good measure:

On Tuesday my church small group leader KellyBeth made me (and Jillian Pye!) a big red velvet birthday cake! Everyone got a big slice and it was to DIE for.

Here is Miss Jillian (whose birthday is TODAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!) holding her cake and looking adorable because her cake matches her dress! I love it when people match food - is that weird?

Yesterday at work one of my co-workers surprised me with THIS:

A Totoro pouch!!! It was so sweet and unexpected, mostly because we had only talked about Totoro one time (her sons really loved the movie). She stuffed him with candy and proceeded to make my Wednesday an excellent one! 

And lastly, my wonderful friend Justine took me to an authentic (really!) Japanese resturaunt called Seki's. It is actually owned by Japanese guy named Hiroshi Seki and they greet you in Japanese when you walk in. Yay!! Their specialty is Yakitori so I gave it a try and it was divine! 

Justine was too sweet and also let me order their homemade green tea ice cream with red beans and my FIRST EVER glass of plum wine (which I loved!)!!

Hooray for 22!


  1. Happy, happy belated birthday!! I see that a good time was had by all! :)
    Great pictures - and drawing, of course!!