Saturday, April 9, 2011

Daily Outfit Doodle!

I'm changing the name of "What I Wore Today" to "Daily Outfit Doodle" (I like the way it sounds better and I've seen other bloggers use "What I Wore Today" and I don't want to be copying anyone!). 

I wore this outfit yesterday and felt very springy and fun in it! The only downside was the shoes - not the most comfortable, but for $3.00 you really can't complain!

Flower Clip // Thrifted, Big White Dangle Hoops // ??, Black Jean Jacket // The Gap (when I was like..12), White Beaded Vintage Purse // thrifted, Rose Ring // Target, Handmade Poppy Dress // Goodwill, Light Pink Tights // Old Navy, Red Wedges // Goodwill.

Hooray for warm weather! I'm so excited to wear more pretty spring dresses, and tights in every color! New seasons always get me thinking about new accessories as well ...maybe it's time to make some more headbands..

Have a lovely evening!

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