Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Sketchbook!

Hooray! It's Sunday sketchbook time!

(pretend like you don't see the tiny rip in the paper on the side...oops!)

I drew this tonight at Starbucks with my very best friend Courtney. I love her oodles and you should too!

I doodled while I drank my second (shh! Don't tell the hubby) iced soy latte (yum!), and she worked hard on her sociology homework. 

It's been a very full and crazy weekend - lots of working and lots of doodling. I'm thinking of having another solo art show in late summer/early fall and also thinking of going back to school. Scary!

New prints are coming soon to the shop! And jewelry! Woot woot!

Everyone have a great Sunday night!

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