Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daily Outfit Doodle

The other day my husband and I took an afternoon together to enjoy some Jimmy Johns in our friend Heidi's garden.

Adam had been doing some gardening for her and working hard in the hot sun - so I brought him some food for energy. : )

We hung out with Bella..Hi Bella!

I got some sweet doodle time in..

And drank delicious mint ginger tea..fresh from the garden.

I wore one of my favorite new pieces - a great skirt my mom got me for Easter. She found it in an Ohio thrift store - go mom!

It has all these great fancy ladies on it wearing little pieces of real jewelry! It's super cute.

I hope we get to enjoy many more 
afternoon picnics this spring!



  1. ADORABLE doodle :O) how much would it be to have you do one of my preggers self? if i sent you a picture?

  2. elise! I would love to do a doodle!! It would be $40. : )

  3. that last photo of you is so cute it hurts! Miss you lady!