Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bubble Tea and Me!

Can I tell you a not-so-secret secret of mine?


(a doodle I drew while drinking my bubble tea last weekend)

I had been trying to get some for several weeks but just hadn't had the's in a busy "trendy" part of St. Louis and the hubs didn't like the idea of driving all the way over there and fighting the crowds for a $5 drink..

but he finally relented...because he loves me that much. : )


The classic Boba milk tea.

Nothing compares.

(except maybe drinking bubble tea in Tokyo, Japan - which I did just about every day I was there..)

(my awesome roommate Jessica and I drinking the best drink in the world - mine was green tea and I *think* hers was vanilla...and they put whipped cream on top! YUM)

I'm off to Zumba! (so I can drink more bubble tea!)


  1. green tea with pomegranate & lychee is my fave, but the passion tea one at stl bubble tea is good too. :) i usually go for the non-milk tea.

  2. GIRL you sound like a Bubble tea champ! Maybe you can show me what all is good? There are so many flippin choices I almost always opt for the classic! : D Let's go!

  3. omg I LOVE BUBBLE TEA TOO! hehe and i like how you said youre gonna do zumba to drink more of it.. im the same. i exercise more to drink more of it and just juices and other things like it too!