Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daily Outift Doodle #5 and an Awesome giveaway!

This past weekend Adam's cousin Zach married his love Claire (whose brother Chris did our wedding photos) and it was so wonderful to witness! It was so nice to see Adam's family and get our dance on!

(how cute are they??!)

Here was my outfit:

I bought the dress during our last visit to Tennessee and didn't wear it because it was a bit i sewed the straps tighter and cinched the back and it was ready for the dance floor! I love it because I look awful in yellow, but because the yellow is on the skirt and away from my face I can get away with it. : )

(me and my man!)




..and fancy food!



Also - everyone check out this blog (especially if you love Japan like I do and long to go back everyday... )!! She is an American living in Tokyo and is an awesome writer and has a Japanese boyfriend named the Kenjerator! She is hosting a giveaway and I reallllly want to win! : D

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