Friday, July 29, 2011

Commission Roundup

Hey there! Now that things are settling down posts should be more frequent again. : )

Happy News: Adam and I found a new apartment! Hooray! This one has a roof that does NOT leak and is in a safe and quiet neighborhood surrounded by really old trees. 

Sad News: My camera is a goner. It won't even turn on, which is very sad because I had lots of fun things to blog about and pretty pictures to show you! 
But my scanner still works, so if nothing else it will force me to show you all even more art! : )

Anywas, here are some recent commissions I did for some pretty awesome people!

These were done for my sweet friend Jillian's son's birthday. The theme of his party was centered around the children's book Caps for Sale - hence the different hats he is wearing. : )

This was done for a lovely lady and my new friend Lindsey! She is a math teacher and has an obsession with the number pi. 

This one was really special to do. It was for my friend Rebecca whose Aunt meant the world to her. It was an honor to create something that meant so much to her!

This one was a lot of fun! Done for a lovely woman of God and my former pastor, Pastor Margie! I'm sure you can guess what the occasion was. : )

This one was so fun! But challenging as well. I have never drawn a cemetery before, and it was an interesting challenge to try and make one look cute. It was also fun to use paper again! 

If you would like to hire me for a commission, I am currently accepting new projects! Just shoot me an email at amy_hates_greenbeans at yahoo dot com or fill out this handy form!


  1. This looks awesome Amy! If i hear anything i will let you know...this is great!

  2. Your drawings are so wonderful! I love the one of your friend and her aunt. Almost made me cry.

  3. These are awesome!
    I love the one for the math teacher the best :)

  4. Thanks everyone!! I really appreciate your comments!! : D