Thursday, August 4, 2011

Starbucks Sketch

Hello everyone!

 Hope your Thursday was swell.
Mine was alright. Attended the wake/visitation of a dear family friend..second one in 2 weeks. Funeral is tomorrow. It's been kind of rough...but I've been doing lots of praying and lots of doodling. This helps like you wouldn't believe.

Here's a quick doodle I conjured up whilst in Starbucks today. I was supposed to be working know how it is. : ) My neglected gouache was calling my name! Gouache has got to be one of my(if not my most) favorite mediums!

I give you the hair I wish I had. No specific meaning behind her - it's just what came out of my paintbrush! She might not be finished...we shall see!


  1. her hair is amazing. wish i had it too!

  2. Sorry about the passing of your family friends, Amy.

    The 'doodle' as you call it, is a fabulous, finished piece of art to me!!
    Love it!! You're so creative and talented!!