Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Food Doodles!

Here are some food doodles I did while in Tennessee
 (these are all things I got to enjoy on my trip!)

I love drawing food! YUM!

In other news we have officially turned the air conditioner OFF!! It is so nice and breezy and cool outside we don't even need it! The windows are open and fall is finally in the air!

The husband and I are going to enjoy a picnic dinner in our new backyard (yay for suburbs!)!


  1. Thank you Dr. Mary! : ) We are pleased with it! It's a small 1 bedroom apartment but it's nestled in a quiet, private and very old subdivision with lots of tall trees and lovely spots to picnic!

  2. I'm loving the new art stuffs. Are you using marker or watercolor?

  3. watercolor! : ) and gouache. I'm addicted.

  4. You've inspired me to start experimenting with gouache and I'm totally having a lot of fun with it!