Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sneak Peaks in my Studio

I have been painting/scanning/editing/printing/packaging like a fool these past few weeks. September is my busiest month each year due to this little shindig. By little shindig I mean amazing art/craft festival. Strange Folk is the start to my fall each year. It is tradition that I get my first Starbucks pumpkin spice latte that morning as a reward for getting all that hard work done. There is always a chill in the air and I love trading wares with fellow artisans whose talent seems to get more and more amazing each year!

And since I've been in my studio so much I figured I could take some snapshots and share them with you! Can I just say how much I love my pink desk? 

The room is pretty large so we managed to squeeze in a guest bed as well! The walls look so empty though! I'll have to change that soon. : )

Here's a peak at some new work! I have some fall and holiday themed items. Lots of color this time! I have seriously fallen in love with watercolors this year and have no plans on abandoning them anytime soon!

And here is one of my favorite shots in the apartment looking from the studio, through the hall and into the living room. You can also see what a mess this floor is. But nothing that a big circle rug can't hide! 

I feel so blessed to have a whole room to spread out and create. I love spending time in here and am happy I got to share a little bit of it with you!


  1. Hi Amy! I met you at StrangeFolk yesterday and fell in love with your adorable art and craft goods! So excited to follow your blog and keep in touch. :)

    xo Michelle

  2. I'm moving in January and will finally have my own studio, and seeing pictures of yours is making me super excited about the move!

    1. dayna - yes! having a studio is so amazing! I get so much more work done now. Can't wait to see yours!