Monday, October 8, 2012

Creepy Party!

This past weekend we attended a creepy party hosted by two of our dearest friends Taylor and Blake. Taylor is a lover of all things creepy and this was her first big party that she hosted in her new home! It was the perfect location to have such a party with its old architecture and high ceilings. And her creepy basement!

Whoever brought the cheesy hamburger toasts is forever on my favorites list.

The food was all so much fun..three kinds of finger cookies, pumpkins throwing up guacamole, brain cupcakes, hot dog worms, shrunken head apple cider..thank you pinterest.

Taylor and I decided to be creepy dolls together. She was a dead porcelain doll and I was a sort of stitched up rag doll.

It was really hard for us to be serious here. Mostly because a banana was taking our photo (aka my husband).

I swear he makes the most ridiculous faces. And I love them all.

So many great costumes! 

Moo the dinosaur definitely approved of this party. And I did too.