Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November So Far..

Last weekend my husband and I took some photos by Chelsea Bass Photography as part of an adoption fundraiser for our dear friends Josh and Kim Jones. God willing this time next year they will be parents to a darling little one..but for now we feel so blessed to help them in their journey. And Chelsea did a great job as usual! More pictures to come! 

If you would like to help Josh and Kim in their adoption process, Josh (an incredible musician and the lead worship pastor at our church) is releasing an EP that is available for pre-order here. It's only $6 for a physical copy and $4 for digital so it's basically silly if you don't. : )

November has been good to us so far. Here's a little bit of what I've been up to:

My dad teaches a charcoal/chalk class on Friday mornings and I've been super into it since he started portraits. We are on noses this week! 

Last Thursday was my last day as a child care worker at the YMCA. After 5 1/2 years it will be weird to work out there and not be an employee, but it was definitely time to move on. My boss and co-workers were sweet enough to send me away with the most delicious box of truffles in the world. No joke, people. Get some for yourself at the The Happy Bakery!

Other random bits: 1. My friend Lindsay got me a kokeshi doll while she had a layover in Japan. It meant a lot to me because while I was there I didn't get to purchase one. She is my favorite and looks great in my collection! 2. Seeing my husband in his element makes me so happy. This guy knows his stuff (he is studying horticulture and wants to be a tree trimmer) and could talk about tree diseases for hours. He's so cute. 3. Friendsgiving was last night. Thankful to have wonderful friends in our lives to share delicious food and laughter with!

We are hosting Thanksgiving(!!!) this year, which makes me feel more grown up than getting married did. Haha. It will only be 8 or 9 people, but I'm excited to decorate and make everyone feel cozy and seriously full come thursday afternoon. Puzzles and Rummikub will follow. It will be a good day!

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