Thursday, December 20, 2012


Watching... two Kdramas (Korean dramas) pretty hardcore. Cheongdamdong Alice and King of Dramas. I don't know why these are so addictive but they are. You want something to marathon while it's blistery and cold outside? Kdramas are perfect. They are usually corny but wonderfully so. These two are currently airing in Korea so you can't watch the whole series, but there are plenty of amazing ones out there that are complete so you can waste your life away. Plus watching them on Viki is so fun because there are comments at the top of the screen (which you can turn off if they get annoying) so it's interactive and often makes viewing even more hilarious. And yes, they have subtitles so you know what they're saying! much tea! I don't know what it is but I've been obsessed with tea lately. Especially Christmas teas. Candy Cane Lane, Winter Snowflake, Snowbound (buttered popcorn, apples, and pears). Yum.

Listening to... the howling wind! We have severe wind advisories in effect all day (with snow!) so it's kind of miserable outside.

Looking forward to...making shortbread cookies tonight! I have a bunny cookie cutter I'm excited to try! And Christmas, obviously!

Drawing... I'm all done with my Christmas commissions (!!) so I'm enjoying this vintage book I recently picked up on how to draw houses. I definitely struggle with anything straight and technical (perspective is my least favorite element of art forever) so I'm challenging myself to draw every. single. thing. in this book. I also have a few Daily Outfit Doodles to finish up!

Reading...Grace for the Good Girl. This book speaks to me so much it's crazy. I definitely struggle with the desire to appear perfect to the people around me and seek their approval over God's all the time.

Wanting...a Blythe doll. Oh my goodness, do I have the itch. I've held off since Sophomore year of High School when I first discovered who she was, and now I don't think I can wait anymore. I'm currently researching all about them so I can find a good deal! I have dreams of a shelf of them hanging in my studio...each one with different colored hair.

*** I also wanted to quickly mention that I have a Tumblr! If you've ever wondered how nerdy I really am, well..I don't hold back there. ; ) ***

This post was inspired by the lovely Danielle at Sometimes Sweet!

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