Thursday, December 13, 2012

Daily Outfit Doodle: 50's Christmas Party!

..So I haven't done a daily outfit doodle in almost a year.. haha! But better late than never!

The hubby and I attended a 1950's themed Christmas Party thrown by some of our dearest friends..and it was so incredibly fun I can't even tell you. Our hostess, Corinna (pictured with me below), pulled out all the stops. There was an amazing appetizer bar, delicious drinks, AND a full course 1950's dinner. Ah-maze-ing. I swear I gained 5 lbs that night and I'm just fine with that. It was worth every bite.

We also had a vintage gift exchange and the most excellent photo booth (seriously how amazing is this vintage tablecloth backdrop?!).

(How gorgeous is my friend Taylor? just sayin.)

..and you can also see my new tattoo! I'll share closeups soon!

I had a lot of fun putting this outfit together! There was a bit of stress involved trying to find an affordable 50's vintage dress (and the selection was slim!) but when I pulled this little number off the rack and it fit (and was only $10!) I knew it was the perfect one! The design is adorable and reminds me of Christmas greens! 

We have a "Fancy Christmas Party" this weekend..and then I think we are done with Holiday parties! I could do 10 more though..they are so fun!


  1. So so so cute! I love everything about these photos and your super cute drawing--that dress is a dream!

  2. Thank you!! Yes, I really got lucky with the dress! Especially since it was only a few days before the party!