Monday, January 21, 2013

Daily Outfit Doodle: Neutrals

For the sake of being real, this is actually the 2nd day in a row I've worn this outfit. I do this on weekends, especially. Mostly because I want to spend as much time with my husband as possible since I see him so little during the week, and if I already know what I'm wearing then that's more time spent on him and less on picking out outfits. 

Also it's super comfortable! 

Details: Leather Bow // Red Velvet, Shirt // Gifted from my friend Taylor, Skirt // Squasht by Les, Leggings // Target, Boots // Forever 21

Also I apologize for the grainiest photos of all time. There is seriously not one spot in our home that has decent lighting during the day. : ( Hopefully our next home will have amazing natural lighting!


  1. Your boots and skirt look like they almost match. And you drawing...such amazing talent you have!! *jealous*

    *now your newest follower. :)

    P.S- I LOVE korean dramas, too!! Can't get enough of them...or sleep at that matter.

    1. Ahh Michelle you are so sweet!! The boots are actually solid but the graininess of the picture makes them look cooler than they are. haha! And thank you!! That's very kind! : D

      Which Korean dramas are you watching right now?? And I know right???