Monday, April 9, 2012

Bunnies and Bobby's and Guns

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter celebrating the RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ!! We had a great morning with our church family doing just that, followed by family and friend time. 

Saturday was also lovely! Adam only had to work until 11am, and I was off from teaching lessons this week, so we had the rest of the day together! 

We visited Adam's grandma and her bunny Thumper, and Adam was bestowed his very first gun. A Super Model Blackhawk or something or other. It's kind of a big deal. haha. It was his grandfather's so it means so much to him!

Then we took advantage of the pretty backdrop! : )

Then we had Bobby's!! Best frozen custard around.

I had a carrot cake concrete and Adam had cookie dough. We were both very pleased with our choices! But I'm learning you can't really go wrong at Bobby's.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Birthday Fun!

My birthday was awesome this year! 

It consisted of...


...awesome presents!

..My grandma June's lemon pound cake, lovingly made by my sweet husband.

..tulips and a sweet matching card from my little brother.

..a new dress in my very favorite color!

..worshipping the Lord with the people I love! bubble tea flavors! (even if it DID take 30 minutes to get!)

..KellyBeth's famous granola bars and ice cream!

..and one creeper husband.

: )

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tea Time.

So I turned 23 yesterday.

But I felt like my birthday lasted all week (which isn't a bad thing!)
(My husband jokes it's more like a "birthday month." Haha)

To get the ball rolling, a few weeks ago my best friend Courtney and I got our fancy tea party on.
(Her birthday is in late March, so we usually do one celebration for both of us.)

If you've never had afternoon tea at The London Tea Room, I HIGHLY recommend it! It's the perfect girly date!

When we got there they already had our fancy little teacups waiting for us! We both got to order our own pot of tea - I ordered decaf early grey and Courtney ordered raspberry green tea. Yum!

My beautiful best friend!

Me excited and hungry.

While we were waiting I gave her her birthday card.


Oh my word. Tiny finger sandwiches (smoked salmon, cucumber,ham), black currant scones with devonshire cream and strawberry jam, and tiny fruit tarts, cheesecakes and cookies for "dessert" (all freshly made from scratch!).

Courtney's tea was so pretty!

 I couldn't even finish my little cheesecake, my belly was so happy. And the shortbread cookies are my mother's favorite so I saved those for her.

Getting to spend time with Court is always such a blessing! I love this girl and am so happy she is in my life! We were both so pleased with the food and service we are thinking of making it our annual birthday tradition.

I'll be back soon with more birthday happenings! Sadly no art for a printer/scanner is dead forever so I'll be saving pennies for a while. I'll try to take pictures of some upcoming commissions!