Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Red Bow of My Dreams!

ahh! Life. is. nuts.

Went out of town to Tennessee (which was glorious!), then after the 8 hour drive we immediately started moving into our new apartment - and we haven't stopped since! The hubby started school full time as well  and I started teaching another night of art classes (Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays).

So until I can post something more interesting, here is the red bow I>o<I of my dreams!!

(also I don't have a working camera so you must suffer through my photo booth pics)

It is BIG. It is RED. and I love love love it!

It was made by my lovely friend Jillian Pye, who is a master at making all sorts of amazing hair accessories! Thanks Jillian! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chilly hands, warm drinks and commissions.

I really love working in coffee shops. I really really do. But why are they so cold?? Even though it is 85 degrees outside (which feels SO much better than the last few weeks!) I am forced to get a warm coffee. Because my fingers literally feel like they are going to fall off. And as I sit here I am envious of the woman to my right, who seems to be able to drink her cold frappuccino in her off-the-shoulder  loose fitting summer top and read her nook while wearing flips flops

I sit here wearing a hoodie and yoga pants, drinking a searing hot soy latte, still freezing. 

But enough of my woes, here's two new pieces I was commissioned to do in this past week:

Jan, 5 x 7, watercolor and pen.

This first one was commissioned by my friend Claire for a sweet lady named Jan, who was retiring after 30(!) years working at McKendree College! I drew the McKendree chapel behind her (which is also where Claire got married! You might remember my drawing of her and her husband Zach).

Brian and Jen, 8 x 10, marker and pen

And this one was commissioned by my friend Jordyn for her friends, newlyweds Brian and Jen! They love eating pizza together, if you couldn't tell. ; )

Hope you are all having a wonderful evening..and that your hands are warm. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Starbucks Sketch

Hello everyone!

 Hope your Thursday was swell.
Mine was alright. Attended the wake/visitation of a dear family friend..second one in 2 weeks. Funeral is tomorrow. It's been kind of rough...but I've been doing lots of praying and lots of doodling. This helps like you wouldn't believe.

Here's a quick doodle I conjured up whilst in Starbucks today. I was supposed to be working know how it is. : ) My neglected gouache was calling my name! Gouache has got to be one of my(if not my most) favorite mediums!

I give you the hair I wish I had. No specific meaning behind her - it's just what came out of my paintbrush! She might not be finished...we shall see!