Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Garage Sale!

This past weekend I hosted my very first garage sale!

What a simple and easy (and HOT!) way to make some monies!

A few of my friends went above and beyond donating tables and fabulous goods to help me out!

With their help and people's generosity I was able to raise a few hundred more dollars for my trip to Tokyo in december.

The little bro and I, beating the heat with some Minute Made Treats!

I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE I will be back soon with some new art and other goodies!

Love, Amy


  1. Ur going to Tokyo?! How awesome! Your yard sale looks like fun! Congrats on your raised monies.

  2. That's the prettiest garage sale I've ever seen!

  3. Looks like tons of fun and so pretty! I wish I could have gone!
    I would love to go to Tokyo! What an amazing opportunity!

  4. @Ashley - yes! It's a 2 week mission trip. I've been raising money all year and it feels good to be close to having it all!

    @Kristen - thank you my love! I try...

    @Laura - yes! Maybe you can come to my next garage sale! haha.

  5. You are awesome! what an adorable garage sale. If we didn't live so far I would have been there!!lol

    I hope you have an amazing experience on your trip! My husband went to Honduras for a Missions trip when he was younger and he Loved it!!