Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A List of Sorts..

I am back with a list of sorts, because I am growing quite attached to this blog and I start missing it if I don't post for a couple of days. It's true!
 : )

And even though I have no new art to show you(boo!), I have other things to share instead!

So here are the things I have been eating, working on, and wanting for these past 5 days...

1. This small bite of deliciousness.

Can you all say pistachio? Because I can. Even with my mouth full.

2. Bow- making.

Once upon a time, Bunnies and Bows was primarily a maker of these:

Tiny fabric/felt hand stitched bow pins. These are what started it all my friends. 
And while I have ceased to make them on a regular basis, I still fill in orders for this lovely lady. She puts them on her hats. And I do say, they are adorable. I own 2 hats from this woman, one of which I swear is sitting atop my head every other week day. 

She put in her fall/winter order and my hands have been a-stitchen! 30 down, only 120 more to go...by next week.

3. Wedding Bands

Although my rings are all taken care of (my engagement ring was my grandmother's and then my mother's, and my wedding band was my great-grandmother's), poor Adam's little fingers are so far looking to be bare on October 2nd 2010. Of course I will not let this happen, and we are looking to get a ring made of tungsten carbide (cheap/durable = win!), but I still couldn't help but look on etsy and see what was out there!

These rings by NestedYellow are just PRETTY, ya know? So different. Me likes.


  1. Those rings ARE really pretty.
    Justin bought all 3 rings at once--he got approved for 3000 at helzburg and went kind crazy =/ lol. we are not "officially" engaged yet, but the ring is sitting in this room haha!

  2. Wow, I love all those little bows :) very sweet.

  3. I love pistachio anything! :)