Monday, February 1, 2010

Of Chocolate and Cheese

Today was a very domestic day.

I stayed home from class to get a mountain of laundry and a bit of cooking done.

The highlight of my week so far - I FOUND RAW CHEESE AT WHOLE FOODS!! This was quite the find, because up until today I had not found anything containing raw dairy around this area at all. AND I had not been able to enjoy cheese without feeling super guilty in a LONG time. Swiss is delicious.

I shredded some and put it in my Broccoli/Onion Omelet today. Yum yum!

Brown rice tortilla. 100% Gluten free.

Then I decided I needed some chocolate in my life. There is nothing like some chocolate to boost your spirits when dealing with 109 children in the span of 5 hours (yes - this is my job).

Chocolate Avocado Pudding! <3
Yes, that's right. And it is DELICIOUS. This recipe was found at Food Makes Fun Fuel.

Then I came home to find my doggy being super cute, and decided to share.

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