Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How Did This Happen?

How did so many days go by without a new post???

Perhaps the wedding planning has something to do with it? Eeep!

Or perhaps it is the fundraising for my mission trip to Tokyo, Japan? Also eep!

BUT I finished my piece for the Drawgasmic exhibit and book and mailed it off today! Ahh, such a great feeling. Probably one of , if not THE most exciting thing I've ever mailed off. This is my first time being featured in a group art exhibit AND my first time ever having my artwork featured in a book!

And here it is!

"Chasing Butterflies" 11 x 8.5 original. You will be able to view/purchase it in person here:

So come and get it. : )

I plan on making some prints of it as well for the shop!

Next up? This little shindig!

I feel like I'm starting a bit from ground zero - this will be the first time I'll be featured in a show without my felt hair bow accessories. As silly as it sounds, I'm nervous my artwork won't be enough to lure in the buyers... my little felt hair bows always do really well, but after making the same thing for six years the excitement is gone. With my art, I never get bored! And because my goal is to become an illustrator, that's where my time should be spent. Maybe a little break will light that felt hair bow making fire within me again? We'll see!

In the meantime, I must get to doodling/crafting!

Hope to see you all in Soulard on Saturday!

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