Friday, May 13, 2011

More New Goodies! and ICR!


As promised, here are two prints for you lovelies.


New earrings!


I hope you like what you see! 


A few weeks back I attended the Indie Craft Revolution with my dear friend Connie Boone. Connie and I met at the show when we both participated last year - but we paid our fees pretty late in the game and got stuck in a tiny corner together. But it was so great because I made one of my dearest friends! We decided to attend it together this year to celebrate our "friendiversary!" We only got a few hours together but it was so nice to see her again! The last time had been on New Years Eve sipping wine and singing Beatles karaoke. : )

Love you Connie!

And Angelina was there! She is beautiful and such a sweetheart and makes the most incredible things. I'm pretty sure I wear one of her polymer clay rings almost every day.

I really hope to take part in ICR next year!

Today both the hubs and I are off from work - we are lazing around now but plan on having a nice little picnic in Forest Park (rain, stay away!) and then hitting up the comic book store to get our geek on. 

Oh! And bubble tea is a must. 

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