Saturday, January 19, 2013


Wishing...I could take a nap! I stayed up waayyy past my bedtime last night and then had to get up early this morning to run errands before work. I'm not much of a nap-taker (I can't stand sleeping my day away) but a 10 minute power nap would be pretty wonderful right now!

Looking forward to...getting my tattoo all colored in on the 29th! It's been a long process and I'm so excited to get it completed! Also a date night tonight with my husband. <3

Craving...popcorn. My husband and I started eating Paleo (you can read more about it here!) a few weeks ago, and so far I'm feeling pretty good! I am definitely missing popcorn though, one of my favorite snacks. I plan on doing Paleo 90% of the time so I will sneak it in here and there. My main reason for the diet switch is to try and heal my digestive system. It's super sensitive and eating more processed foods really messes me up. But I'm really liking it so far! And my skin seems to be clearing up(!!!)!

Obsessed bows. This is an ongoing obsession, but I had some money stored up in my paypal account that I didn't know about from various sales and commissions and have been stocking up on some amazing new bows on etsy! There are some really neat patterns on there (cats! dogs! bunnies!). One day I will probably think they are ridiculous, but right now I think they're amazing. Also cod liver oil. Yes. That is right. I'm convinced it is making my head clearer and my skin brighter and just doing all sorts of amazing things in my body.

Drawing...a commission of some lovely friends of ours. Also some new art that just keeps popping in my head! I definitely go through ups and downs with my creativity but right now I'm full of ideas!

Thankful for...our church community. I love those people like family. Also my sweet, hard working husband. Our wonderful home. My amazing job! I am so blessed.

This post was inspired by the lovely Danielle at Sometimes Sweet!

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