Monday, April 4, 2011

Today is a Monday..

..I couldn't find my keys...

...I was late to work...

..I had to buy gas..(which will put anyone in a bad mood these days..)

Aha! And I just heard someone say, "It's been a Monday."

Boy has it ever.

I am attempting to get my day back by sitting in Starbucks with my new gift card, eating roasted seaweed and enjoying a guilt-free iced coffee with soy.

Before this I went on an hour-long shopping spree at the Salvation Army - bought 5 shirts, 2 belts, and a really cute mirror for under 20 dollars.


Even though I complain about my job at the YMCA, I really do like it a lot! They are cool cats and let me paint on the windows.

Here is the latest display I did in time for spring!

I'm currently brainstorming ideas to cover up the teletubbies *shudder* under the window.

I'm off to spend a few hours doodling and editing images.

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