Saturday, June 25, 2011

Best Friend!

A few nights ago, I saw my best friend.

We got ice cream and watched bad (but oh so good) TLC reality television (Gypsy Brides, anyone?). 

She's pretty much like my other half.

And I love her unconditionally.

We've been best friends for..oh...6, 7 years?

And we experienced the best two summers of our lives together.

We went to Florida. We ate record amounts of Ice Cream Haven (our favorite local sweet treats stop). I made silly mixed cd's and we rolled our windows down and went night driving for hours.

Then we went to Africa together. We told them about Jesus and watched countless give their lives to Him and it was incredible. We saw giraffes eating in the wild(!) and played on the beaches of the Indian Ocean every night before dinner. And that pretty much sealed the "best friends for life" deal.

She was my maid of honor (and totally rocked it).

She is just the greatest.

We are both busy x 2321313 quiet nights relaxing together are few. But when the planets do align and we are able to work out time for each is just grand.

Courtney Louise Hoorman, you're my favorite! I love you!


  1. You guys are so cute! I'm super jealous~ my best friend is in the USA and we don't always have time to talk online or mail. I miss her, but she did visit Japan recently. Still... it's hard. I'm glad that you guys were able to spend some quality time together :)