Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Amazing Purse and One Leaky Roof.

                                                                        Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Purse by Danny Brito, who is just amazing (and who I just recently discovered - yay!).

This inspires me to buy old purses and paint on them! 
I love it when art becomes wearable!
Also I want this purse really really bad. 

So so badly.

And the worst part is, I have the money. I've been saving whatever money I make on etsy sales or online commissions to buy myself some fancy new shoes. I don't have enough for those shoes, but indeed I do for this clutch.

/end silly woes.

More importantly, our roof is leaking.

Last night a crazy storm raged on...and on...and further damaged our already shabby, leaky roof. It is now leaking in 7 different places.

We were up for several hours last night listening to the endless dripping + wind, rain, thunder. We kept having to get up and move towels around to make sure the water wasn't getting on anything important. But when you have a one room apartment, pretty much everything everywhere is important.

This means an interesting week with the landlords.

And yes, I do have that umbrella. And yes, it is mocking us.

But we aren't gonna fret.

Because we have a hot date to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt2!
(not at midnight though because we aren't that cool)

Hope you are all having a lovely (and dry!) Sunday!
I'll be back later this week with a new print + jewelry in the shop!
(And if you haven't already, go ahead and enter my giveaway! Ends July 1st.)


  1. girrrrl :( I'm so sorry! You will find a new place and it will be eleventy billion times better :)

  2. Bad weather can cause major problems, and in your case, it turned out to be a disaster. I can’t imagine having leaks in 7 different places. I’m guessing it’s absolutely troublesome with a one room apartment like yours. Try finding the cause of the leaks. There may be dents or holes in it. Bring it up with the landlord, and ask if repairs can be done. After all, it’s your comfort that’s being compromised here.

    @Mariam Freame

  3. Not one, not two, but seven leaks? That’s really something to be bothered about. I just can’t imagine how you would move in your small room with water leaking everywhere. Anyway, I hope it got fixed by the landlord. And in case you’ve already moved out, let’s just hope that the next tenant would be worry free of the seven leaks on the roof.

    @Pleasance Faast

  4. Endless drippings from 7 different places are surely a headache! We had the same problem in our apartment too, but our landlord immediately acted on the problem. I hope that your landlords also did what they could for everybody’s sake.

    -Sarai Loftis